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SPIAs a Historical Perspective

It occurred to me after writing fixed lifetime SPIAs for more than 30 years; I achieved a 100% persistency rate (except for a few deaths) and every consumer purchase along the way has been the absolute deal of a lifetime.  I mean, how many financial products have been in a bull market for more than 30 years?  Interest rates have only trended down since the mid-to late 1980s and carriers have only…

Charitable Gift Annuities vs. Commercial SPIAs

When clients express interest in charitable gift annuities (CGAs), the purchase decision usually begins with a charitable intent. In other words, they have a high interest in financially supporting a favorite charity that will issue a CGA and also by the way, reap some nice tax benefits along the way. However, in the mortality based income world, I believe there is plenty of room at the table for both CGAs…

Under Annuitized Households an Epidemic

My local paper, the South Florida Sun Sentinel, ran in depth coverage at the end of last year regarding the Hidden Hungry, in an article by Diane C. Lade about food insecurity issues and poor diets facing elderly populations in South Florida.  While many reasons were cited for this, the underlying reason was poverty. In South Florida, older age residents as a percentage of the overall population are skyrocketing.  As…

New Podcast Interview

David Macchia's Outstanding Advisor Podcast S01 E04 - Gary Mettler | Outstanding Advisor Podcast #004 >LISTEN HERE<