Fiduciary Disclosure

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP©) Certificate Holder (#42012), when transacting in Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), qualified funds (qualified retirement plans) and non-qualified funds (post-income tax savings) I, the undersigned CFP©, pledge to act in a Fiduciary capacity as defined by the CFP Board click: (CFP Board Fiduciary uniform resource locator (URL). I will provide written disclosure, in advance, of any conflicts of interest, which could reasonably compromise the impartiality of my advice. Moreover, in advance, and based upon my limited “scope of services” (also provided in advance), I will disclose any and all commissions (see commission disclosure(s) below) or fees (fees negotiated and set with you in advance) for non-sales but related annuity and life insurances services, I will receive or others will receive by my efforts as a result of this transaction, or as the case maybe, assignment.  I will disclose any and all commissions or fees I pay to others for referring you to me.

General Disclosure Note (Not an Investment Advisor(er)
I am a licensed life insurance agent (license #A177423) in the State(s) of: Florida (domiciled state), and not an Investment Advisor(er). Furthermore, I am not licensed as an Investment Advisor(er). I solely represent certain annuity contracts or life insurance policies (but not contractually bound to represent) that are insurance products and not investments. A discussion of any unrelated financial topics will be deemed as “general education.”

Commission Receipt Disclosure

My commission compensation is set by the insurance companies I represent and is determined by a fixed rate schedule for your particular case. In Florida, I do not participate under FL Stat code 626.572 regarding rebates. Consequently, under Florida and insurance company practice, I may not reduce my compensation for this transaction by rebating any portion of it for your benefit.

Commission Return Disclosure

My commission compensation is subject to be entirely or partially returned to the remitting carrier aka a “claw-back” under various conditions outlined by my insurance company selling agreement (I’m required to sign) with that carrier. Such commission claw-backs may result from; your death, a return of your annuity contract or life insurance policy within the “free look” period and certain post issue annuity contract or life insurance policy management elections you may make, among others. Any future dispute you or your estate may have with the insurance company arising out of my representation, when I was compelled via my agent selling agreement for that carrier to personally indemnify the insurance company against financial loss, might cause me to remit a sum of money significantly greater than my original sales commission.

My judgment in this transaction may be affected by the following conflicts of interest

I may receive a commission from the Insurance Company if you buy an annuity contract or life insurance policy via my efforts. There are other financial products or arrangements which may be more suitable or advantageous to your financial goals. Due to licensure and representing a limited number of insurance companies, I am unable to offer you these other financial products.

Fees charged by me to you for non-sales but related annuity and life insurances services such as; claims management, annuity contract review, annuity contract brokerage service (when I’m not the agent of record) are due, with the exception of forensic services, upon your satisfactory conclusion of the outlined limited scope of work. Fees for forensic services are due in advance. My fees might be higher vs what other financial professionals might charge for these or related services.

Gary S. Mettler, CFP©, CEBS, Agent

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