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Joint & Survivor Annuity (qualified) Non-Spouse Creditor Protection

Weeks ago, I commented on Forbs post regarding establishing a “conduit trust” for a non-spousal IRA beneficiary, usually an adult child.  The attorney was recommending such a trust from a creditor protection standpoint relative to the IRA beneficiary.  In June of 2014, the Supreme Court ruled a non-spousal inheritance of an IRA isn’t protected as “retirement funds” relative to the non-spousal Beneficiary.   Therefore, inherited IRA funds may be seized in…

It’s Splitsville: Divorce and SPIAs 2015 Update

A few readers asked me to make further comments regarding the particular deferred income annuity (DIA) marital property case involving an IRA DIA contract highlighted in the LifehealthPro article I authored last year in April 2014 when DIAs feature adjustable start dates.  Most DIA (IRAs and non-qualified) contracts feature adjustable start dates that can, upon the owner’s request,  be advanced or delayed up to five years from the issued contract’s…

New Podcast Interview

David Macchia's Outstanding Advisor Podcast S01 E04 - Gary Mettler | Outstanding Advisor Podcast #004 >LISTEN HERE<